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Denver PMP Certification Exam Prep Classes

Here are a list of PMP Certification Boot Camps Offered in Denver, CO

There are quite a few boot camps offered in Denver, CO. Below we have given our brief synopsis and analysis. We encourage you to do your own research to determine the best fit for you.These reviews are not meant to be taken, and is not meant to be an endorsement or referral of those companies reviewed. Furthermore we do not guarantee the accuracy and current nature of all relevant information regarding the classes listed. This is simply meant to be a starting point for your own evaluation process.

Cheetah Learning

Cheetah offers both online and in-classroom options, claiming a 10-year audited PMP exam pass rate of 98 percent using student-reported information. Offering both classroom and online sessions, Cheetah camps are five days in length. In addition to nationwide classes in the United States, classes are available in Canada, Europe, Mexico and South America, Australia and New Zealand, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and India.

 Global Knowledge Camps

Global Knowledge conducts both online virtual and physical classroom boot camps. Physical classroom sessions are conducted nationwide in the United States. Virtual classroom sessions are scheduled for convenience across multiple time zones to serve a global audience. Flash cards, reference charts and more than 600 practice questions are included. For those desiring more flexible instruction times, their Guided PMP Exam Prep course serves that purpose with a blend of self-paced and instructor-led virtual training over a three-month period.


PMStudy claims a 98.7 percent overall success rate for its boot camp students. Their four-day classroom sessions cost $1,999 per student. Forty contact hours are included. Also included is a month of access to a study course on PMstudy.com which provides study guides, chapter tests and four full-length simulated practice tests.

PMTC Boot Camps

PMTC’s four-day PMP Certification classes in Denver are offered monthly. Their 100-percent money-back guarantee requires that you take the exam within 14 days of class completion. In the event of exam failure, they pay the re-examination fee, analyze your results and offer custom coaching. On a second failure, the same deal applies. In the unlikely event of a third failure, they will refund your tuition, less the exam fees.


Velociteach conducts boot camps across the country and throughout the year. These camps are three days in duration and include assistance in completing the examination application. The text used, in addition to the PMBOK Guide, is Velociteach CEO Andy Crowe’s The PMP Exam: How to Pass on Your First Try. Included is a six-month subscription to the company’s e-learning online system called In-Site, 500 practice questions and 250 flash cards. There is a money-back guarantee if you fail the exam three times within one year. Post-class support is provided.

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